Start-up company set for Kenyan wind market

Friday, May 07, 2010

As Kenya’s Lake Turkana wind farm continues to get underway, a new company has emerged planning an additional 300-MW wind energy project in the country. Giston Energy, comprised of locals and US-based Kenyans, received government approval to set up a wind farm.
Michael Nderito, Giston founder, told new sources that the project would require $1 billion with the feasibility study already underway. Giston consulted British firm Garrad Hassan to carry out the pre-feasibility studies and were talking to a Belgian firm to advise them on the carbon credits side of the project.
The company also stated that it was in the process of negotiating with Kenya Power and Lighting Co. on a PPA that will set the price at which electricity will be sold to the power distributor. Giston said it has also secured a commitment for transmission funding up to $200 million, but did not mention the source of that funding. - Alternative Energy Africa

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