Microsoft to purchase 315 MW of solar power in Virginia

According to the company, this represents the single largest corporate purchase of solar energy ever in the US

IRENA welcomes establishment of International Solar Alliance as a platform to advance solar energy

Joint Declaration by the International Renewable Energy Agency and International Solar Alliance pledges close cooperation to promote solar energy globally

Solar will dominate new electricity Generation in US by 2022

states Yuri Horwitzco-founder and CEO of Sol Systems

Slicing up the energy pie

American homes have gotten far more energy-efficient with the spread of LED light bulbs and energy-saving appliances

Global solar demand will exceed 80 GW in 2017

9.6 GW Awarded In Q3 Alone

Renewable energy powered half the UK on June 7th

As a result of the surge in renewable energy, coal production was entirely stopped for the rest of the day

BYD expands Brazilian operations with new PV solar panel

Company is adding an electric bus chassis assembly factory

Solar water pumps to help alleviate drought in Kenya

The pump has been developed specifically for the needs of small farmers in Africa

Liquid storage of solar energy – more effective than ever before

Molecular solar thermal system has been developed in Sweden

Nearly 80 percent of roofs in USA are sunny enough for solar panels

Google’s Project Sunroof new tool helps you decide whether to invest in your own clean power plant