Resynergi creates energy from plastic waste, biomass

California waste recovery company to develop and commercially manufacture a biorefining technology that converts both plastic and biomass into oil and gas

US and Canadian wood pellet makers take advantage of ‘less utilised fibre sources’

There's a clear shift in fiber-sourcing for pellet manufacturers from logs to residues

Scientists in UK harness solar power to produce clean hydrogen from biomass

New technology relies on a simple photocatalytic conversion process

Decarbonization strategy

Effort combining biofuels and biomass expertise aims to commercialize a fuel pathway with the potential to benefit all links in the supply chain

Global biomass pellet market to grow by annual 10% until 2020

Biomass is the only renewable energy source that is independent on the weather and is available at all times

WBA publishes 3rd Global Bioenergy Statistics report

Association elects new president

UK company develops biomass briquettes derived from waste coffee grounds

Biobean turns to crowdfunding to help develop new 'Coffee Logs' product

Gut fungi could revolutionise biomass renewable energy

Research has been published by Science in February

GE chosen to build world’s largest commercial biomass plant

Belgian Eco Energy will have 100% biomass plant

US Department of Energy announces $15 million for advancements in algal biomass yield

opportunity to develop algae biofuel feedstocks that can replace petroleum feedstocks in downstream refining

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