World Energy Outlook 2016 to be released on 16 November

Report themes: the impact of COP 21, renewables, future of fossil fuels, energy and water

ICAO wants to regulate CO2 emissions for civil aviation

CO2 emissions of civil aviation sector and maritime sector have not been taken into account in the calculations of Paris Agreement on climate

Biotech startup turns CO2 into a sustainable replacement for palm oil

Company uses microbes to transform waste carbon from industry into the new oil inside bioreactors

Alliance BioEnergy seeks funding from Energy Dept. for aviation biofuels

JP-8 biofuel is made from cellulosic biomass

White House releases 'Federal Alternative Jet Fuel Research and Development Strategy'

The refinery would continue to produce a mix of products, including jet fuel, diesel, gasoline, and petrochemicals.

Phase - in of advanced biofuels should build on the existing European biodiesel production

sustainable long-term decarbonisation of transport can only be achieved with the help of all renewable energies, including sustainable biodiesel

Brazilian Biodiesel and Biojetfuel Union - Ubrabio has joined RSB as a member

Promoting the sustainability in the production chain of biofuels and biomaterials in Brazil

Nissan to develop ethanol-based fuel cell technology by 2020

ethanol is very easy to procure, it is safer to store and lower cost

Reconciling food security and bioenergy

Well-designed biofuels usage programmes can simultaneously improve food security in countries with populations at risk of under nourishment, and in more developed economies, states report

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation divests $187m stake in BP

Part of the growing global fossil fuel divestment movement