Dry weather reduces crushing projection for 2010/2011 sugarcane harvest in South-Central Brazil

New forecast projects that crushing will reach 570.19 million tons, 4,31% less than Unica's estimate

China becomes third largest biofuel producer

Chinese government ramped up the production of ethanol from non-grain feedstocks including straws, cassava and bagasse

Granol increases biodiesel capacity

Facility currently produces 613m3 of biodiesel a day from soya oil, other vegetable oils and animal fat

Range Fuels produces cellulosic methanol

Methanol produced will be used to produce biodiesel, the company said

Cargill to build biodiesel plant in Argentina

In July, Argentina lifted the required mix of biodiesel in its diesel fuel pool to B7, to launch in September

EPA approves canola biodiesel pathway

According to EPA, canola oil biodiesel pathway creates a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to the diesel fuel baseline

IAC Review of the IPCC Report to be released at UN on August 30

Upon release, the IAC report will be available online

New Mexico algae project receives funding

New Mexico State University funding will go to Renewable Energy, Water and Arid Lands Task Force

Jatropha R&D center planned for San Diego

A 42,000 square-foot greenhouse will help accommodate the company’s library of jatropha genetic material

Bloomberg signs biodiesel bill

New York City Mayor has made the Big Apple and biodiesel-blended heating oil synonymous