Big names invest in biomaterials developer

California based company is working with microalgae to produce biofuels and biomaterials

India, Brazil discuss ethanol production, agriculture

Indian Agriculture Minister laid the foundation stone for the Biopav mill expansion project of India’s top sugar refiner, Shree Renuka Sugars

Government of Canada invests in biodiesel

Biocardel Quebec will produce 40mly of biodiesel from waste cooking oil and animal fat

Verenium closes biofuels business sale to BP

Transaction concerns cellulosic biofuels facilities in Jennings

Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels opens Version 1.1 for public comment

Public consultation is open until October 7th

CDM corporation will also produce biodiesel

Pilot project includes 14,000 hectare jatropha plantation in Congo

Sugarcane ethanol places Brazilian state at the forefront of environmental policy, says study

State of São Paulo is in the heart of the world's most important sugarcane growing region

Jatropha genome sequenced

Results will allow to accelerate identification of key traits, such as enhanced fruit yield and soil adaptation

Brazil and China team up for African biofuels adventure

China is expected to double its renewable energy production in the next few years, including biofuels, solar energy, and wind power.

Brazil lashes out over biofuel restrictions

EU’s Renewable Energy Directive, which will become effective in December