An algal 'dream team'

The U.K.’s Carbon Trust has assembled 12 teams from 11 U.K. institutions to knock down the barriers blocking a commercial algal biofuel industry

South Korea seeks to quadruple use of biofuels by 2030

South Korea has gradually increased its use of ethanol, with the majority of imports coming from Brazil

Brazil’s ethanol producers take a big bet on biofuels

With its favorable GHG profile, countries will primarily look to Brazilian advanced sugarcane, bio-ethanol for supply

Brazilian sugarcane industry highlights progress towards meeting EU certification criteria

Industry in Brazil has established its own sustainable practices independently of the EU criteria

Amyris raises $84.8M in IPO, prices at $16

demand from shorter-term investors in the equities markets is light on price, but it is there

Brazil to double ethanol production by 2019

Production of ethanol for vehicle fuel will reach 64 billion litres

New report shows spike in renewable energies for next year

Renewable energy sector has been resilient and is expected to dramatically increase

Aurora Algae announces transition to commercial production

Company has created a photosynthetic algae-based platform

The importance of sugarcane chain in Brazil

Research highlights mapping and quantification of businesses generated in this chain in 2008

Irish company develops new biodiesel catalyst

'Smart Catalyst' would allow transesterification process in minutes rather than hours