Polluted lake to algae biofuel source

Scientists from Sandia National Laboratories are working to see if one of California’s most polluted lakes can be turned into a profitable source of algae biofuel.

European Investment Bank commits €4.3 billion to renewable energy

EU Bank is supporting new investment in sustainable transport, renewable energy and helping small companies harness business opportunities

ePURE ‘heartened’ by MEPs’ views on biofuels

In a recent article in The Parliamentarian, they discussed the future of the EU’s energy sector and described biofuels as 'indispensable'

Mexico approves 10% ethanol content for gasoline

new measure will only affect gasoline, not diesel.

DLR and Lufthansa Technik investigate aviation biofuels

European Union-funded 'High Biofuel Blends in Aviation' study focused on blends, i.e. mixtures of conventional kerosene with biofuels

Cornell engineers transform food waste into green energy

Food waste should have a high value. “Food waste is still carbon—a lot of carbon.”

2016, a record year for renewables, latest IRENA data reveals

Solar outpaces wind for new power capacity

A more efficient method for harvesting microalgae is on the horizon

Bendy Estime, a biomedical and chemical engineering Ph.D. candidate at Syracuse University in New York, has developed a new technology for energy efficient cultivation and harvesting of microalgae.

Global Bioenergies announces ‘first production in history of fully renewable ETBE’

Historically, partially renewable ETBE (ethyl-tert-butyl ether) is obtained by combining a molecule of renewable ethanol with a molecule of fossil isobutene

Diesel cars are 10 times more toxic than trucks and buses, data shows

Emissions tests have fallen firmly in the public spotlight following the Dieselgate scandal.