Researchers develop method to prevent ethanol corrosion

Integrity and safety of pipelines and storage tanks is crucial

First look at sorghum genome may usher in new uses for fuel

Researchers have adapted the drought-resistant, tropical sorghum to temperate climates

Biofuels offer economic means to meet GHG goals

Report “The Role of Biofuels Beyond 2020” was commissioned by BP

US Federal Aviation Administration creates center of excellence for biobased jet fuel

Center will include 16 university partners and more than 50 industry and national laboratory partners, at Washington State University

EU lawmakers reduce use of food-based biofuel

European biodiesel industry worried that immature and doubtful ILUC

Neste Oil, Raisioagro to research straw for renewable diesel

Large quantities of waste straw are produced as agricultural residue, but only a small proportion is currently used

Cornerstones of advanced biofuels

Novel pretreatment technologies are paving the way for the advanced biofuel industry

Alaska Airlines could be flying on biofuel by 2018

Air carrier has lowered its carbon footprint by 30% since 2004

EBB calls on European Parliament to avoid further legislation based on ILUC calculations

And to support existing and future investments in clean transport biodiesel

US algae association to help create African opportunities

Uses in jet fuel, biodiesel, biogas, and bioplastics