Amyris to begin selling biofene online at

Making farnesene widely available to accelerate development of new renewable products and applications

New process design package for the production of cellulosic ethanol presented

Clariant will be presenting its new process at ABLC 2014, from April 21 - 23

New sugar platform shows promise

GLV created from plant material is renewable and more affordable than conversion methods requiring expensive chemicals or enzymes

2014: commissioning of some of the first U.S. commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plants

3 cellulosic ethanol plants: beacons to the US advanced biofuel industry

New study on 'The contribution of biofuels in transport sustainability post-2020' is presented in Brussels

Report confirms that without clear-cut EU emission and renewable fuels targets GHG from European transport will soon be out of control

EU GHG emissions from transport out of control...

... unless EU Heads of State define a more consistent political strategy

The sugar producers

Sweetwater Energy and Proterro, two companies using widely different approaches, aim for low-cost sugar that may produce advanced ethanol

EU waste could provide 16 percent of road fuel by 2030

Released study conducted by the International Council for Clean Transportation and the National Non-Food Crops Centre

China approves biobased aviation fuel for commercial use

An Airbus A320 owned by China Eastern Airlines completed an 85-minute flight on biojet made from palm oil and recycled cooking oil feedstocks

US researchers say they can increase sugarcane’s geographic range

Team led by University of Illinois reports to convert sugarcane to cold-tolerant, oil-bearing crop