Syngenta launches new cellulosic ethanol technology

Cellerate is designed to increase an ethanol plant’s production by allowing the corn kernel fiber to be converted into cellulosic ethanol

Using coffee wastewater to generate energy

Four-year project on coffee wastewater treatmentin was developed in Central America

Aviation giants sign memorandum of understanding

Collaboration on development of drop-in aviation biofuels

South African Airways, Boeing to develop tobacco jet fuel

The fuel will derive from a hybrid tobacco plant, Solaris

First international commercial flight completed with Amyris-Total aviation biofuel

GOL Airlines flight from Orlando to Sao Paulo first to use sugarcane-derived renewable jet fuel

Biodiesel production facility for sale

annual capacity of 66 million litres of biodiesel; US EPA rated at 79 million litres annually

Report discusses future of European ethanol industry

The agreement would support a transition to second- and third-generation biofuels

'Microbe sniffer' could point the way to advanced biorefining

'Nature has already microbial processes to degrade lignin. We needed to do the detective work, and develop the right toolkit, to isolate these processes'

Portuguese researchers study alternative biodiesel processes

Researchers from the University of Porto, Portugal, are looking at water-free methods to purify biodiesel.

Dry weather aids cane harvesting but is lowering agricultural yields in the South Central region

Reflection of the lower rainfall, the Total Recoverable Sugars (TRS) index per ton of sugarcane processed representing a 4.46% increase from same period last year