ABO launches Algae Industry Measurements, Version 6.0

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Algae Biomass Organization announced the publication of Industrial Algae Measurements, Version 6.0 (IAM 6.0), a document that sets standards to measure and compare diverse algae industry operations.

IAM 6.0 is a collaboration of more than 30 industry experts and organizations that provides a methodology and common descriptive language that can be applied across a variety of algae operations, regardless of size, technology or end products.

These operations include heterotrophic, autotrophic, open pond, photobioreactor and open water algae production as well as harvest and conversion processes for microalgae, macro algae and cyanobacteria.

The inputs considered by the standards encompass the carbon, water, energy and nutrients required by the algae as well as land requirements, process consumables and manpower requirements used during production.

Outputs measured by the standards include the different classes of algal products as well as industrial waste emissions such as gas, liquid, and solid discharges.

The IAM 6.0 document will be a crucial reference as companies develop and improve new technologies to create fuels, feeds, nutritional supplements, biochemical and other products from algae. The document is available for free at

Algae Biomass Organization - ABO