US Secretaries of Defense, Agriculture and Energy push for drop-in advanced military biofuels

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

The Three Secreteers are 'all for one, and one for all" in combined push to secure funding for Navy's Great Green Fleet program - as they drive the US towards $4 per gallon drop-in biofuels.

In Washington, the Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Agriculture, and Secretary of Energy delivered four co-signed letters to the heads of key House and Senate committees and subcommittees, in support of the Navy's efforts to procure drop-in, cost-competitive advanced biofuels.

In April 2013, the President requested $45 million for the Department of Energy's cost share, with the DOE at the time writing: "The increase in funds will be used to partially fulfill the DOE's obligation to the joint DOD-Navy, DOE, and USDA memorandum of agreement established to support the construction of commercial-scale biofuels production facilities that can produce drop-in, hydrocarbon biofuels.

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