2016, a record year for renewables, latest IRENA data reveals

Solar outpaces wind for new power capacity

A more efficient method for harvesting microalgae is on the horizon

Bendy Estime, a biomedical and chemical engineering Ph.D. candidate at Syracuse University in New York, has developed a new technology for energy efficient cultivation and harvesting of microalgae.

Global Bioenergies announces ‘first production in history of fully renewable ETBE’

Historically, partially renewable ETBE (ethyl-tert-butyl ether) is obtained by combining a molecule of renewable ethanol with a molecule of fossil isobutene

Diesel cars are 10 times more toxic than trucks and buses, data shows

Emissions tests have fallen firmly in the public spotlight following the Dieselgate scandal.

ePURE names new secretary general

Emmanuel Desplechin has held public affairs position at the Brazilian sugarcane industry association Unica

Denmark leads Europe by giving green light to 0.9% advanced biofuels blending target

This news will provide a boost to second-generation biofuels

Brazil announces goal of restoring 22 million hectares of degraded land by 2030

An important signal to the international community

More companies join sustainable fuels initiative below50

Below50 was launched in the US market, in Europe and in the South American market on 28 October

Can an airport be green?

Implementing energy efficiency measures, switching to green energy suppliers and investing in low-carbon vehicles are some initiatives they can do

20 countries form BioFutures Platform

Initiative includes some of the most relevant countries for the driving of markets and innovation in advanced biofuels and biomaterials