Rockwell invests in Ecoremedy technology

Ecoremedy's waste conversion technology repurposes municipal, agricultural, and industrial byproducts into renewable energy and recovered nutrients

Biowaste to biofuels conversion simplified with new process

Researchers in Canada claim to have found a simpler, cleaner way to produce fuel from biowaste such as sewage

Qantas completes first trans-Pacific biofuels flight

First biofuel powered flight from the US to Australia787-9 was completed by aircraft Dreamliner

New commission to examine geopolitics of energy transformation

Commission will present its report at the 9th Session of the IRENA Assembly in January 2019

The story of Red Rock Biofuels and the bond market breakthroughs

In the world of drop-in military biofuels, two major updates appeared this week.

EPA qualifies distiller sorghum oil as advanced biofuel feedstock

The rule proposes to amend RFS regulations to define the term distillers sorghum oil

Brazil establishes national biofuels policy

RenovaBio aims to increase the use of all biofuels, including ethanol, biodiesel and biomethane and provides for the establishment of national emissions reduction targets for the nation’s fuel supply

BP and Copersucar join up to operate major ethanol terminal

The new terminal would ‘better and flexibly’ connect ethanol production with the country’s main fuels markets

Gene editing could ‘unleash’ algae biofuel’s potential

An innovative gene editing technique could allow algae to produce ‘vast’ quantities of renewable fuels, new research claims.

BASF to buy Bayer's seed assets for billions

It might be a rare win-win situation