Waste plant material could boost algae’s biofuel potential

Study could prove crucial in boosting the ‘economic viability’ of algae biofuel

Enzyme breakthrough paves way for new plant waste products

To protect their sugar-containing cellulose, plants have evolved a fascinatingly complicated material called lignin, that represents a vast potential source of sustainable chemicals

European ethanol hits major targets in global fight against climate change

70% of greenhouse-gas reduction in 2017

Potential of biodiesel in the commercial vehicles sector revealed

List is is particularly useful to use climate-friendly biodiesel in heavy-duty transport

Deal on RED II delivers strong EU ambitions on renewables in transport

Although the decarbonization potential of EU biofuels risks again to remain unexploited

Industrial demonstration shows enhanced production of advanced biofuels

The combustion boiler at Chalmers Power Central was converted to a gasifier in 2007

Scania introduces bioethanol engine for long-distance applications

Company says the 410 horsepower vehicle can enable CO2 reductions of up to 90%.

Brazil sugar mills cancel export contracts on low prices

Ethanol grows increasingly attractive

Rockwell invests in Ecoremedy technology

Ecoremedy's waste conversion technology repurposes municipal, agricultural, and industrial byproducts into renewable energy and recovered nutrients

Biowaste to biofuels conversion simplified with new process

Researchers in Canada claim to have found a simpler, cleaner way to produce fuel from biowaste such as sewage