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Finnish government targets 30% biofuels share in aviation fuel

Goal of achieving a carbon neutral country by 2035

LanzaTech aims to fuel jets and make consumer goods from recycled carbon pollution

Company sells technology that transforms carbon pollution into ethanol, a renewable fuel and feedstock for chemicals

Maersk, Dutch partners launch world’s largest maritime biofuel pilot

Members of the Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition (DSGC) have partnered with A. P. Moller

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French Albioma to invest in Brazil sugarcane biomass

Company has already experience to generate electricity from bagasse biomass

Bioelectricity from sugarcane should be expanded in Brazil, says Greenpeace

NGO produces documentary on electricity generated from renewable sources at different mills

BRIX, Brazil’s Electric Power Marketplace to be launched in June

IntercontinentalExchange has announced Brazilian partnership

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Biomethane business is booming

From waste to watts and wonder chemicals

New Brazilian plant will produce biogas from sugarcane by-products

new joint venture between Raízen and Geo Energética

Biomethane potential revealed in new report

Biomethane’s potential to replace natural gas has been analysed in a new report from IEA Bioenergy

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UK’s largest waste wood gasifier becomes operational

The 21.5 MW facility uses advanced thermal treatment technology, or gasification,to generate energy from wood

Bioenergy could fuel Europe for 43 days in 2018

Biomass could cover energy needs of all 28 member states of the EU from 19 November to the end of 2018

Efficient supply chains will unlock immense biomass potential

The need to combat climate change and fulfil Paris Agreement requires input and use of all renewable energy sources

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Companies Teaming Up To Buy More Solar And Wind Power

Power lines and power-generating windmills rise above the rural landscape

Largest co-located battery installed in the UK

Vattenfall’s installation helps to provide reliability service to UK National Grid

The great energy transition gathers momentum

China slows a bit, but Europe and India take up the slack

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World’s Premiere Solar Air Quality Monitoring Station

Series of criteria monitors offer very low energy consumption, are insensitive to temperature variations and are 24V power supplied

Transparent solar panels turn windows into green energy collectors

This development would make the most out of the buildings’ facades, since the vertical footprint is often larger than the rooftop one

Microsoft to purchase 315 MW of solar power in Virginia

According to the company, this represents the single largest corporate purchase of solar energy ever in the US

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