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Deal on RED II delivers strong EU ambitions on renewables in transport

Although the decarbonization potential of EU biofuels risks again to remain unexploited

Industrial demonstration shows enhanced production of advanced biofuels

The combustion boiler at Chalmers Power Central was converted to a gasifier in 2007

Scania introduces bioethanol engine for long-distance applications

Company says the 410 horsepower vehicle can enable CO2 reductions of up to 90%.

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French Albioma to invest in Brazil sugarcane biomass

Company has already experience to generate electricity from bagasse biomass

Bioelectricity from sugarcane should be expanded in Brazil, says Greenpeace

NGO produces documentary on electricity generated from renewable sources at different mills

BRIX, Brazil’s Electric Power Marketplace to be launched in June

IntercontinentalExchange has announced Brazilian partnership

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Biomethane potential revealed in new report

Biomethane’s potential to replace natural gas has been analysed in a new report from IEA Bioenergy

Demand for biomethane triples at UK CNG refuelling station

We’ve got huge wagons fuelling up with 100% renewable gas. It is the decarbonised future that we’re all looking for.

Australia’s ‘first’ combined landfill gas-to-energy and solar facility announced

The facility, built on a landfill site, is believed to be the first of its kind

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Biomass from managed forests is carbon neutral

The agency is also assessing options for incorporating non-forest biomass as carbon neutral into future actions

Resynergi creates energy from plastic waste, biomass

California waste recovery company to develop and commercially manufacture a biorefining technology that converts both plastic and biomass into oil and gas

US and Canadian wood pellet makers take advantage of ‘less utilised fibre sources’

There's a clear shift in fiber-sourcing for pellet manufacturers from logs to residues

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Largest co-located battery installed in the UK

Vattenfall’s installation helps to provide reliability service to UK National Grid

The great energy transition gathers momentum

China slows a bit, but Europe and India take up the slack

World’s first floating wind farm has started production

30 MW wind farm located 25 km offshore in Aberdeenshire, will power approximately 20,000 households

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Microsoft to purchase 315 MW of solar power in Virginia

According to the company, this represents the single largest corporate purchase of solar energy ever in the US

IRENA welcomes establishment of International Solar Alliance as a platform to advance solar energy

Joint Declaration by the International Renewable Energy Agency and International Solar Alliance pledges close cooperation to promote solar energy globally

Solar will dominate new electricity Generation in US by 2022

states Yuri Horwitzco-founder and CEO of Sol Systems

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