From oil civilization to a new green civilization

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Da civilização do petróleo a uma nova civilização verde ABSTRACT
PEAK oil, the tapering of petroleum production, is drawing nearer. The resulting steep rise in oil prices will enhance the price competitiveness of biofuels – ethanol as additive or replacement for gasoline, and biodiesel as additive or replacement for diesel oil. Brazil meets all the requirements to become a large producer and, in time, an exporter of biofuels – reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, generating numerous decent job opportunities for family farmers, and becoming less dependent on the geopolitics of petroleum. The substitution of biofuels for petroleum-based products is only part of an energy strategy in which efficiency and conservation must have an overriding role. On the other hand, the production of biofuels should be seen within the larger setting of the construction of a modern biomass civilization, for which the tropical countries have highly advantageous conditions and which would be an essential contribution to sustainable and encompassing development.
Key-words: Oil, Biofuels, Ethanol, Biodiesel, Climate Changes.

Tags: biocombustíveis, etanol, biodiesel, renováveis, biomassa